Toddler Room

Within our lively and bright toddler room your child can explore the world around them in a safe and stimulating environment. An ever-changing selection of experiences are available to suit every child and a quiet snug area is available for a small rest, stories and songs. 

Rompers provides experiences and adventures to satisfy young, active and inquisitive minds. Your child's play will be purposeful and child led, making learning fun whilst tapping into your child's natural curiosity, exploring their interests and developing new and exciting skills. Experiences in the Toddler room include early numeracy and literacy, sensory exploration, small group experiences and lots of opportunity to grow in independence.

At Rompers we encourage rest time and toddlers have the opportunity for a little break after lunch with a quiet, undisturbed sleep if required. Lunch and snack time is a very sociable time for your child, therefore at Rompers we encourage a very positive routine during these sessions encouraging self-help.