We are in the very fortunate position to have our own large secluded outdoor play area with separate garden for our baby room. At Rompers we have a huge emphasis on outdoor learning and continually enjoy our indoor learning-outdoors. This will be enjoyed by all our Rompers children on a daily basis in our secure outdoor area. A natural open ended play experience is promoted for all ages, this is offered through our mud kitchen and natural resources available in our garden all year round. 

Your child can engage in purposeful experiences in all weathers, ensuring all areas of the curriculum are being met both indoors and outdoors. Children will also be encouraged to enjoy outdoor learning, creating their own interests enjoying time with their friends.

 Staff will promote physical gross and fine motor development outdoors encouraging co-ordination skills, ball skills, running, jumping and agility. Building with tyres and blocks and playing in our mud kitchen will encourage imagination to grow. 

Nature experiences will be encouraged outdoors along with large sand and water activities. Creativity will be offered with our large outdoor painting easels, slate boards, pavement painting and opportunities for transient art. Numeracy and literacy skills will be encouraged outdoors with exciting experiences. 

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Planting and growing will be a huge part of your child's experience including the experience to plant, watch, water, grow, pick, prepare, cook and eat in our specialty built secure planting area. At Rompers we value going outdoors in all weather, with our nursery wetsuits for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-school children, the Scottish weather will never stop us experiencing the outdoors. 

Facilities are available outdoors to continue our free flow snack routines, allowing children's play to be undisturbed. During our summer months picnic style lunches are enjoyed al fresco.

You will have peace of mind that all this can be offered as an extension to our indoor facilities, continuing the wonderful learning experience your child will benefit from our outdoor facilities.

Our 2020 refurbishment is now complete, please have a look at our gallery page where photos of the outdoor area can be seen.